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Struggling with your weight? Or feeling out of control with food?

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Get results without a diet. It’s time to find YOUR better THAN dieting solution.


Redefine Wellness is a virtual coaching platform that helps you reject diet culture and cultivate a life free of guilt and shame around food and your body.


With Redefine Wellness Coaching, we provide virtual 1:1 and group-coaching services to help you move from food and body distress to neutrality and body acceptance.


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The diet and health industry makes a lot of promises it doesn’t deliver on. Diets claim that if we control our body size, we’ll have the life we want and feel better than ever long-term.


But has any diet ever kept a promise it made to you?



science shows

What your body knows



95% of people who diet regain the weight they lost (plus some) within 5 years.

Diets aren’t sustainable because they aren’t meant to be! If diets worked, the weight loss industry wouldn’t be worth over $75 Billion in the united states alone in 2022 (Business Wire, 2023).

The fitness and weight loss industry profits from our insecurities.


And yet, when the diet fails, as it inevitably will, we are then blamed rather than the diet.

It’s time to find your better-than-dieting solution.

If you want to break free from the dieting cycle, feel good in your body, and sustainably achieve a wellness goal- You are in the right place.


Redefine Wellness 1:1 Coaching Program

Get results With expert guidance and Our proven 10-Stage Methodology

In this transformational 6-month program, take a complete 180 from dieting disappointments and struggling with food and body image. You’ll discover a whole new you with 1:1 bi-weekly or weekly support, expertly created video modules, and worksheets.

Experience the benefits of confidence in your food choices, improved body image, exploring food neutrality, finding your weight set point, and learning to eat intuitively.

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Custom Meal

Joyful Movement

Live Cooking

Your coach will guide yoU

though Intuitive eating, body image, food, and body peace, reengaging with your body through joyful movement and so much more!

Using our 10-stage methodology created by Melainie Rogers MS, RDN, CDN, CEDRD-S, based on 20 years of experience working with clients with eating disorders, you will:


  • Learn to feel confident in your food choices. End the food obsession and embrace eating intuitively
  • Build your confidence. Trust your internal cues instead of a diet
  • Have ice cream in your freezer and snacks in your pantry without fearing a binge
  • Ditch punishing workouts for good and embrace the benefits of joyful movement
  • Hit the mute button on your inner critic so you can find peace on your daily life
  • Discover your body’s set point weight AKA. your body’s feel-good weight that you can maintain effortlessly without restriction or binging.
  • Build your life beyond weight loss, explore your strengths, values, passions, and everything that makes you, you
  • Navigate relationships and set boundaries with confidence
  • Discover gratitude for all the things your body can do separate from beauty ideals and standards
  • End hunger pangs and binges for good

All of this and more are possible with your Redefine Wellness Coach and our research-backed Methodology. Learn more about our team here.

Now is the time to stop dieting and start living

Whether you’re looking to end the cycle of chronic dieting for good, just starting, or looking to take your sense of well-being to new and sustainable heights, Redefine Wellness can help. Our coaches will guide you through our 10-stage methodology you need to nourish yourself from a place of wholeness the way nature intended.

THE Redefine Wellness difference


Know that you’re on track to building a sustainable wellness routine that nourishes you from within.


Our program is expertly designed to help you achieve a relationship with food and your body where you can thrive.


End the guesswork of making peace with your body and food choices so you can live your best self.




We will help you in areas beyond food and your body image by exploring your relationships, self-esteem, and core values. We will work together to heal the whole you and rewire your thinking around food and body.



Discover the Difference

All of our Certified Redefine Wellness coaches are not only supervised by a registered dietitian and must pass a comprehensive training program and internship before becoming a coach.


not health culture

Tap into your intuition

Learn to make intuitive food choices that you feel good about and make your body feel good with confidence. And discover a new relationship with exercise that feels good and supportive of your journey.


What works for you

Coaching you can count on

We have many different options for support depending on your needs. You can get started with a dietitian, book additional 1:1 sessions, join live movement and cooking classes and more!

OUr secret?

We take a holistic and integrated approach to health, considering the whole individual by coaching on more than just food and body image. Watch clients transform before your eyes as you nourish all areas, including identity, relationships, values, interpersonal strengths, career fulfillment, and more. Read more about our 10-Stage Methodology here.

Our certification course was created through an All Foods Fit, intuitive eating, and Health at Every Size (HAES)® approach. We take a weight-neutral and flexible approach to health in a way that promotes healing and reduces rigidity.

This is how we redefine wellness, and it starts with you.

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