Ditch Dieting for good: what the diet industry doesn't want you to know

Have you been struggling with yo-yo dieting, constantly trying and failing to lose weight?

Are you tired of feeling like a failure every time you step on the scale or indulge in “forbidden” foods? Diet culture has convinced us that the only way to “true wellness” is to achieve the “perfect body.” When the diet doesn’t work in the long term, your lack of willpower is to blame. The truth?

You are not broken. Diet culture is.

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This comprehensive ebook will help you understand the science behind why diets don’t work and give you the tools to begin to break free from the diet industry’s harmful cycle.

Embracing food freedom and developing a peaceful relationship with your body is possible

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  • The truth behind why diets don’t work and how they can actually harm your health
  • The role that diet culture plays in our society and how to break free from its harmful messages
  • Strategies for developing a positive relationship with food and your body, without the need for strict rules or restrictions
  • Reasons why cultivating body acceptance is the way to better body image

Don’t let the diet industry keep you trapped in a cycle of shame and self-loathing.


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