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by rejecting diet culture and promoting intuitive eating and body acceptance.

Whether you are a nutrition or mental health professional, dietetic student, health coach, fitness trainer, or simply inspired to make a change, anti-diet & intuitive eating coaching is the way to make the impact you crave.

This work is needed now more than ever.

Millions of people struggle in their relationship with food and are dissatisfied with how their bodies look.

Join our revolutionary community of Redefine Wellness Certified Coaches and gain access to our proven 10-Stage Methodology. Embrace a fresh approach to wellness that empowers others to find food freedom, body acceptance, and self-love.


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  • You are unhappy at your current job and crave a fulfilling career you’re genuinely passionate about
  • You have healed your relationship with food and your body and want to help others do the same
  • You are motivated by having time freedom and the flexibility to work remotely and create your own schedule
  • You want to make a difference by becoming a coach but are unsure where to begin
  • Anti-diet and weight-neutral advocacy is something you are passionate about
  • There is a gap in intuitive eating education within traditional dietetic or nutrition courses, and you want to learn more to make a difference
  • You are burnt out from the uncertainty of whether or not you will land clients on your own
  • Coaching without a proven, effective framework is overwhelming
  • You’re prepared to invest in yourself and your future success

Why is coaching


Having support from a coach is vital to ditching diets for good and developing a peaceful relationship with food and the body. If clients don’t have the right tools, guidance, and action steps, overcoming disordered eating can be impossible.

This is where Redefine wellness comes in

where your passion and your career meet

join the movement

certification you can count on

In our RW coaching programs, we walk alongside clients, giving them the framework and the tools to find a balanced relationship with food and improve their body image through our 10-Stage Methodology.


PLUS, you’ll receive mentorship along the way from experts in the field and your community of like-minded coaches to skyrocket your success.


Becoming a Certified RW Coach is more than just a job opportunity.


The coaching industry is, unfortunately, known for being unregulated. We’re fixing this problem by training our coaches with practical skills and research-informed materials.


As a coach, you will collaborate with Redefine Wellness Registered Dietitians to provide the best support to your clients.


Learn how to collaborate with licensed providers and receive mentorship with our built-in referral network.


Our coaches aren’t just passionate about making a change; they are trained to effectively and ethically do so. It’s essential that all of our coaches become certified in our Methodology before working with clients. Also, Redefine Wellness is an applicant of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and meets criteria for approval.


We take a holistic and integrated approach to wellness, considering the whole individual by coaching on more than just food and body image. Watch clients transform before your eyes as you nourish all areas, including identity, relationships, values, interpersonal strengths, career fulfillment, and more. Read more about our 10-Stage Methodology here.


Our certification course was created through an All Foods Fit, intuitive eating, and Health at Every Size (HAES)® approach. We take a weight-neutral and flexible approach to wellness in a way that promotes healing and reduces rigidity.

I'm ready to transform lives

what sets us apart

there is nothing like Redefine Wellness on the market.

With the ability for coaches to learn, become certified, and work as a coach all within one company, there is nothing like Redefine Wellness on the market.


Other coaching certification programs will give you the knowledge and skills but leave you thinking, “Now what?” With RW, you don’t have to build your program, market your services to land clients, or consistently monetize on your own.


By becoming a certified Redefine Wellness coach, you have access to a guaranteed paid internship and the opportunity to work with Redefine Wellness as a paid coach.


Our mission at Redefine Wellness is to set up both the coach and the client for success. Gain the skills and knowledge needed to boost your competitive edge in a field with high demand.


Imagine impacting lives from the comfort and flexibility of your home or wherever you desire to work. Take your laptop to a tropical destination, visit family or friends, or work from your cozy home office – the choice is yours.


With Redefine Wellness coaching, your lifestyle becomes your choice and your passions your career.

Tap into your potential, unlock your dreams, and connect with a community that helps you go the distance

With an evidence-based and effective program and the marketing strategy taken care of for you, you can focus on what matters: transforming lives.


  • A program and methodology that is based on research and years of experience in the field of disordered eating recovery
  • Valuable resources with cutting-edge information such as articles, case studies, and a workbook to help guide your client sessions
  • Guidance from your expert mentors and community of coaches
  • See a return on investment through a guaranteed paid internship with competitive pay and an opportunity to join the RW team


At RW, there is no need to weed out the toxic diet culture messages you would see in other health coaching programs.


Redefine Wellness was founded by Melainie Rogers MS, RDN, CDN, CEDRD-S, with 20+ years of experience in dietetics and disordered eating recovery. Melainie also founded BALANCE eating disorder treatment center™, the most prominent eating disorder treatment center in New York City. Melainie has developed a methodology that works, ensuring our coaches feel confident in the tools and framework they are using.


Our anti-diet philosophy encompasses food flexibility and body neutrality, unlike other health coaching programs that focus on cutting out foods or “clean eating.” Feel aligned with our framework that is focused on self-care and healing, not restriction.



Now enrolling for September 2023

Sign up now and gain access to:

10 modules

Explore the Redefine Wellness 10-Stage Methodology that covers a wide range of topics such as intuitive eating, rejecting diet culture, movement, boundary setting, self-esteem, body acceptance, coaching techniques, and more.


Dive deep into the science behind intuitive eating and why dieting isn’t the answer with our expert course facilitators. Practice your newly-learned coaching skills and techniques in real-time with an intimate group of classmates.


Facebook group for motivation, accountability & community building. Network and find support with other professionals working toward a similar goal.

coaching workbook

Exclusive worksheets, assessments, journal prompts, and other food freedom and body image content to help guide your clients toward their goals.

paid internship

Get paid doing what you love, supporting others as they find food freedom and body peace. Receive guidance from your expert mentors as you prepare to step into your career as a wellness coach.

career opportunities

All program graduates will be considered candidates to join the RW team beyond their internship. Start working with a supportive team right away; without being overwhelmed by figuring out how to land clients on your own.


Redefine Wellness Coach Certification

Starting May and September 2023

Payment Plans Available

Master Level Course

Coming Soon


The Methodology and coaching skills course takes 12 weeks (80 hours) to complete. After the course is completed, coaching trainees will participate in a 5 month PAID internship to accrue 80 client-facing hours. In total, coaches can expect to complete the course and internship in around 8 months, totaling 160 hours.
Our certification program meets requirements for the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Our program is currently in the process of being approved and accredited by the ICF.
This training is taught by Founder and CEO Melainie Rogers, MS, RD, CDN, CEDRD-S, Lead Dietician Krizia Crooke MS, RDN, and Lead Coach Allison Cooke, Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor.

In the first week, coaching students will attend a live orientation setting. Then, students will attend two, 1.5-hour sessions each week for 10 weeks. The first session will be a webinar-style training on the week’s module. The second session will be an opportunity to learn and practice coaching skills and techniques using case studies and role play. The course also involves self-study and completion of assigned readings. The course will end with a Live Q&A session.


Starting on Week 5, all coaching trainees will have 5 practice sessions with 3 different clients of their choosing to put their skills into practice. The RW team will assist trainees on finding practice session clients if needed.


At the end of the course, all trainees will complete a competency-based assessment exam that consists of 100 multiple choice questions and two short essay questions. Coaches will also participate in an observed role play session and receive feedback from the course facilitators.


Once those steps are complete, all coaches will participate in a 5-month, 80 hour PAID internship with real Redefine Wellness clients.

There are many possibilities! Coaches can start their own coaching businesses or have the opportunity to join the Redefine Wellness team as a paid full-time or part-time coach. Acceptance will be based on performance. This certification is also beneficial for therapists, dietitians, school counselors, or other providers who desire to incorporate intuitive eating, body acceptance, and authentic wellness into their practice.

We encourage you to schedule a Discovery Call to learn more about our program cost. Payment plans are available to make our program as accessible to you as possible. The RW Coaching Certification Program is competitively priced and delivers a high level of value.